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Vinyl wallpaper is made with paper that is treated with vinyl, a chemical made from ethylene, which is derived from natural gas.

Vinyl is a plastic material, which unlike other plastics, can easily be recycled. Because of the durability of vinyl, products made from this material have a long life span. Add to this the fact that the vinyl can then be recycled, translates into an even longer life of the vinyl plastic resin. Vinyl is a very environment friendly material, not only because it can be recycled, but also for many other reasons. Vinyl helps in the preservation of environmental resources as 57% of vinyl is made from common salt, which is renewable natural substance. Non-replenish able resources such as crude oil only account for 43% of vinyl resin, thus making it nature friendly.

Vinyl wallpaper is available in a variety of colors and patterns, including horizontal, vertical and irregular drop designs. Vinyl wallpaper is also available in self-stick that requires peeling off the backing and pressing the paper against the wall, pre-pasted that simply require wetting with water and non-pasted, which needs a separate paste to adhere to your walls. When compared with other types of wallpaper, vinyl is easy to clean and easier to remove or strip.